Grades 1-2

Art concepts explored: Two and three dimensionality, balance, capturing a three dimensional shape on paper, concentric shapes, color mixing, composition, combining different media - such as, painting and collage, freeform shapes and spirals, light and shadow, positive and negative space, line variations, understanding the color wheel, and spatial relationships.

Skills developed: Sketching techniques, color mixing and "values" of a color, complicated cutting, taping, balance, fine and large motor skills in constructing large and small complex projects, weaving, sewing, wrapping and smoothing on a three-dimensional surface, interpreting a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional surface, creating backgrounds, contour drawing.

Grades 3-5

Art concepts explored: Light and shadow, contrast, monochromatic, kinetic art (art that moves), three-dimensionality, surrealism, imaginary drawing, perspective, using found objects in sculpture, abstract artwork, puppets and a stage, collaborating to write a play, kinetic sculpture.

Skills developed: Contour drawing, balancing materials, wrapping, sewing, advanced color mixing, imaginary drawing, realistic drawing, working with plaster, diagramming face parts and then distorting them, combining media - such as, watercolor and marker or collage and painting, constructing/building, paint washes, collaboratively making sculpture.

Art Concepts

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