At Hudson River Arts Workshop, we believe that each child has something singular to depict creatively. Our teaching style stresses the process over the result. We believe that there are no "mistakes" made in class. With this approach, we endeavor to instill in our students confidence in their creative decision-making.

Many of our projects are inspired by the work of master and contemporary artists. We provide an overview of them and their work and begin a discussion which gives context to the project at hand. In this way, children may draw a connection between their own work and that of esteemed artists.

After the project explanation and the art-making, we engage students in sharing and talking about what they and fellow classmates have accomplished. This gives them a chance to verbalize what they have experienced and hear how their work is read by others. We constantly encourage students to take their time while working and explain that the viewer can tell when a piece has been made with care.

At the Workshop, we strive to offer high-quality art classes for children at a time when many elementary schools have drastically cut their visual arts programming.


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Winter Session begins January 8, 2018

Spring Session begins April 9, 2018

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